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Window-tinting-brisbane-by-guardian-glass-tinting We specialize in the installation of solar control window tinting films, safety and security films and decorative and frosted films for home and office windows in Brisbane, Australia.

Guardian Glass Tinting in Brisbane is an approved film installer for Australia’s leading direct to the public online film supplier of window tint films for home and office windows. TintingDirect supply solar control films to reduce heat and glare, frosted privacy films for residential and commercial buildings and safety and security films

It is not hard to identify what most people want – the best, highest quality, USA made film at the lowest price – but few companies deliver.

Tinting Direct has developed a successful business model that allows it to supply tinting for home office windows that people want. It can profitably supply people high quality US made film at a lower price than competitors.


1. Sack the sales reps – most people cannot take time off work and wait around for a sales rep to come and measure their windows – So Tinting Direct developed a job costing app that allows anyone who can read a tape measure to do their own quote online whenever they choose – and since they are doing the work of the sales rep they get the 15{58479dcd096a1a5a64f750774f1e782b91076fc7cd9383ed25f8894743aa9644} sales commission as a discount.

– It’s really great for comparison shopping

Compare window film brands. Get a couple of regular quotes and then find out how much window tinting in Brisbane should cost. Just measure the size of each window pane to be tinted, enter these sizes into the job costing app and a quote for the film, and for the installation, is emailed to you. You can also request film samples.

2. Bypass the film wholesaler and/or retailer – people order the film online direct from Tinting Direct, the Smart Films importer – which means a lower total cost for professional grade film delivered direct to your home or office. Test it for yourself. Use the job costing app to compare price.

– A few people decide to install the film themselves.

– But most people choose professional installation by a Tinting Direct approved film installer in their city
Guardian Glass Tinting has been in the window tinting industry for a long time, both in the USA and Australia. We know what we are doing, but we couldn’t match the Tinting Direct business model. So we partnered with Tinting Direct and now provide a successful installation service to Tinting Direct customers seeking professional window tinting in Brisbane. We are one of three approved film installers in Brisbane.

Please choose Guardian Glass Tinting when you order your film online with Tinting Direct.

You will receive the highest quality installation because all film is installed to the international standard set by the International Window Film Association (IWFA)

In short, it means we promise if we do not meet the performance level laid down in the standard, we re-do the job. Furthermore, we tell you in advance what standard of film installation you will receive, and not after the job is done and you are unhappy.

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People often ask “How much does window tinting cost?” or What is the price of window tinting?

Window tinting film is sold by area (square feet or square meters). Glass tinting films vary in price based on the materials and the technology that has gone into the manufacture of the film. The older style reflective films block the most and are the lowest cost but many people don’t like the mirrored appearance, while the highest cost films block the heat and protect against sun damage and fading and are almost impossible to see. These high tech clear (untinted) films and are often used in buildings controlled by a body corporate that don’t allow the external appearance of a building to change or where the owner wants to preserve a beautiful view, particularly at night. Between these two extremes are the most popular films that just make the glass appear dark externally which most people choose for their home windows.

The film installation cost is also charged by the area of film to be installed. The installation cost may include a call-out fee on smaller jobs to cover travel time to the job, a charge to remove old window tinting film, an additional charge for small fiddly panes like those in a french door, and for timber frames or the removal of aluminium strips (colonial bars) stuck to the glass.

Let us help you select the best film for the job

Many sun related problems such as excessive heat and glare, damage to carpets, drapes and furniture, and a lack of privacy from neighbours can be solved by window tinting.

But choosing the “best” solar control film for a particular problem is not always easy, particularly if you have other objectives.

Perhaps you want to block the heat but don’t want to make a room feel dark, you want privacy but don’t want to spoil the views at night, or you don’t like mirrored windows, or you have some other objective …

This paper on How to choose the best home tint for your windows by TintingDirect is the best advice we have found to help people make some difficult window tinting choices and get the best film for the job (ie. the best tint to achieve your objectives)